Discopolis: Top 3 and One From The Vault
October 25, 2012

Discopolis: Top 3 and One From The Vault

To mark the second release on Axtone Records this month, ‘Committed To Sparkle Motion‘, we’ve been getting to know the artists a little better. This time it’s the turn of the Discopolis boys’ to reveal all…




1. Donnie Darko – We watch this whenever we doubt our own commitment to Sparkle Motion.


2. Half Nelson – As well as being an amazing film the soundtrack is done by Broken Social Scene, incredible.


3. You, Me and Dupree – It may be a guilty pleasure but I don’t think anyone can deny that its a classic.




1. The Edinburgh Street Party – I’m pretty sure this was the best moment of all our lives so far. There really is nothing better than playing in front of a 10,000 people in your home town.


2. Reading Festival – This was our first gig outside of Scotland and we had such an amazing response. Dave especially loved this one and wasn’t ashamed to proclaim so to the crowd.


3. Rockness – I think this our favourite festival in the world. The atmosphere and the setting are unmatched in our eyes.




1. Playing games – Laurie is the world champion of Super Jewel Quest, Dave’s Minecraft world could rival Deadmau5’s and Fergus is the king of playing games that no one has ever heard of.


2. Sleeping – Sometimes nothing beats a good kip


3. Making music – Some would argue that this is a waste of time, we would argue otherwise…




Track: Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Axwell & Henrik B Remode)

(Listen on Soundcloud HERE)


Reason: The chords in this one are something else, matched with the vocal they create a truly beautiful piece of music. The eventual drop is clever, exciting & banging.


Discopolis ‘Committed To Sparkle Motion (DubVision Remix) is out now at Beatport HERE.